Re-booting the Blog

Sometimes you just need to start fresh. I decided to do exactly this with my blog. I got tired of looking at my old writings and figured now was a perfectly fine time to start fresh. My seo friends collectively gasped when I told them I was doing this. All that front-matter search engine chow straight down the drain. And it feels good.

So, pretty much as per usual I am going to write about software engineering and whatever else I find interesting at the time I sit down to write. In my head I want to make a habit of it. In reality, well I just spent hours configuring granular aws permissions for 3 different projects which really took the wind out of my writing sails. So, we will see.

One thing I am promising is not using any GPT in my posts which I have been seeing a lot of. The main point of my blogging efforts is that writing helps me learn and retain things. Secondly, maybe someone can learn from the posts. If you are using GPT or ai in whatever capacity to generate your blogs, you are missing the entire point. AI is here to stay, but let's work to keep it out of where it doesn't belong.

This post was written by a human.

(Strange I feel like I want to make sure my readers know that)